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Our Mission

Our mission is to partner with local business and community leaders to mentor and empower teen parents to be independent, self-sufficient, and thriving members of society through our teachings.

We Need Your Support!

Against All Odds is committed to making a difference in the community and  create opportunities for teen parents to learn, grow, be self-sufficient, and thrive but we need your help in the continuation of our mission.

Creating Opportunities for Success

Together we can Make a Positive Impact

Our Vision is to be a force of good in the community bringing business owners and empowered people together in an effort to offer motivation and support to young teen parents. It takes a village to raise a child and our community is the village who united can bring forth good for all.

Empowerment Mentorship Program

Teen Parents Resource Center

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Business Mentorship Program

Empowerment Mentorship Program

Growth and Success is a Choice – Become a Mentee!

Business Mentorship Program

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Dedicated to Serving the Community

Against All Odds strives to bring the community together and inspire growth by providing valuable opportunities for teen parents to succeed in every aspect of their lives combined with the offering to our community leaders an opportunity to “pay it forward” by becoming mentors and leading by example.

Many thanks to our Gold Sponsor – KIA of Cape Coral for their generous support.

About Me

Hi my name is Dayra “Dee” Dominguez and I am a Registered nurse who is very passionate about making a difference in the community and helping those in need. Since my husband and I became parents at a very young age, I have a close up understanding of the challenges teen parents face in life. My overcoming those challenges inspired my desire to create Against All Odds as a Non-Profit Organization with the purpose of creating opportunities and offering a support system to young teen parents.

At the same time I also have this deep seeded desire to bring in powerful business owners who also want to give back to the community by helping our future generations. My goal is to bring together these educated and experienced business leaders and these young teen parents in need of guidance so that as a community we can work together and all thrive and succeed.

Upcoming Events, Resources & News

2nd Annual Women’s Empowerment Networking Event

Join us for an opportunity to connect with other women business owners, network, empower and be empowered for the purpose of mutual success and the support of teen parents in our community.

Our Sponsors

We are eternally grateful to the following community business leaders for their support and contributions to our cause. Together we are able to make a greater impact in the community and with those in need.

Life Skills Presentation / Workshop

Join Us one Saturday a Month to expand your Life Skills Education in a powerful and inspiring presentation and hands on activities given by our founder Dee Dominguez in conjunction with a guest speaker.

It’s Time To Learn, Grow, Be Self-Suffient & Thrive!

Our goal is to serve the community, specifically young parents. We are committed to the creation, development and execution of a powerful mentorship program for teen parents in which we are teaching basic life skills, work ethic, sharing wisdom, knowledge and information to young teen parents in an effort to promote growth and development as parents, as a family unit and as individuals that they may one day become, successful, independent, self-sufficient, contributing members of our society.

If you or someone you know can benefit from our services please feel free to contact us today!

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