I was able to be the keynote speaker at https://themamainc.org/ at their 7th annual Sweetheart Seminar! This took place at the Travis Technical College where there were over 25 teen parents. Three of which were teen dads! This speaking engagement was super special not only because it was my first outside of Lee county, but because my husband of 29 years was able to accompany me and was also able to mentor these three young men. We pray that by pouring out to the youth and sharing our  personal story this will create hope and will give them the courage they need to embarque in this journey ahead. It was with great pleasure that we said yes to Altricia Wilcox, founder of MaMa INC. (Mentoring Agency for Maternal Adolescents) when she asked for our attendance. We hope to keep getting invited to all future events. 

The Sweetheart Seminar Empowerment Workshop Transformational Workshop for Teen Moms in Partnership with Polk County Public Schools – Since 2014, Altrichia Cook Wilcox has partnered with Polk County Public Schools’ Teen Parent Program to host The Sweetheart Seminar. With crowd and community funding, the success of the event serves to motivate teen mom students to activate their love, confidence and power from within. As a former teen mom turned success, Altrichia pays it forward to serve as a beacon of hope. This event appropriately takes place on or around Valentine’s Day to help the student parents recognize their self-worth and build their self-esteem. Altrichia believes that unveiling these characteristics will naturally motivate them as individuals to plan for a brighter future, thus successfully manifesting their plans to defy the odds.

Mentoring Agency for Maternal Adolescents Mission

We focus on making the maximum positive effort for our community. Our members and volunteers provide the momentum that helps us affect change. Using data driven models, we provide solutions that make a long-lasting difference.

For more information please visit: https://themamainc.org/